From October 3 to 8, the National Accessibility Week will take place in the Netherlands. During this week, attention is drawn to an accessible society for people with disabilities.

The city of The Hague is also participating. This year the focus is especially on social accessibility. Social accessibility is about how we treat each other. That you are addressed politely, for example. And that your abilities and wishes are taken into account. In short, the key to social accessibility is that everyone feels welcome.

Week van de Toegankelijkheid Foto Henriette Guest - De Posthoorn

From Tuesday, September 27, to Friday, October 7, an exhibition with portraits and stories of people with invisible disabilities will be on display in the Atrium of City Hall in The Hague. Ashna, Bastine, George, Jacqueline, Jozef, Mirjam, Raymond, Saartje and Sidney tell how they see accessibility in the city.

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