A dinner for 600 people, a reception, an opening, a lecture in a theater setting. A concert on the eleven floors, a floating fashion exhibition above the municipal offices or a grand banquet after closing time; the Atrium is open to diverse and challenging ideas. Inspired? We would like to get in contact to organize your event. For more images, please visit our Facebook page, Instagram page and Events Photo Album.


Reception REAIM 2023 - Photo Flickr Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
Letter Z Design


The organisers do not avoid serious topics, challenging constructions and innovative concepts when putting on exhibitions in the Atrium. The space attracts more than 8.000 visitors a week. Whether they come for the municpal offices or specially for an exhibition, the enrichment of the Hague City Hall is actively experienced by many visitors

The foundation Atrium City Hall does not have any exhibition material of her own. This allows you to design your exhibition entirely in your own way, within the established guidelines. We often work with design agencies Letter Z Design and Meta Menkveld. They have many different exhibition materials and can make tailor-made materials for you. They are happy to think along with you to make your work stand out in the Atrium.

Atrium in Bird's Eye View

Watch the first drone video ever made of an empty Atrium, where you can warch all parts.