What is taken into account when submitting an application?

Each applicant must provide the Atrium City Hall offer with a quotation and then fully and correctly inform the nature, content, quality, purpose and background of the activity to be held in the Atrium The Hague and the persons and organizations involved by completing all fields and submitting the application form. Atrium City Hall assesses the activity: do the content, quality, planning and physical possibilities fit within the programming and use of the Atrium The Hague;

  • Whether your activity offers a broad, varied and fascinating program of the Atrium The Hague;
  • Whether your activity has a party political, activist or strong and / or one-sided religious character. It then can be rejected.
  • Whether your activity fits within the policy of Atrium City Hall and the municipality of The Hague.

Please include all questions in the online application form. Based on this information, it is determined whether the activity is suitable in the Atrium The Hague. Atrium City Hall distinguishes between public, private, cultural and non-cultural activities.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

After receiving a confirmation and possibly a personal consultation with one of the two representatives of Atrium City Hall about the activity to be held, an offer will be sent to serve as an agreement. Only after the receipt of a signed agreement, the option for the activity is placed in the agenda. The foundation name on the agreement must at all times be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. As soon as the offer is signed and returned within 30 working days, unless stated otherwise on the offer, the option will be converted into a definitive reservation. Before the start of your activity, you will receive an invoice from Atrium City Hall for the rental costs for the use of Atrium The Hague, which must always be paid prior to the activity. After the activity, it will be examined whether an additional invoice should be sent based on any additional (rental) costs.

What is the maximum period for exhibitions in the Atrium?

Exhibitions can be placed in the Atrium The Hague for a maximum duration of three consecutive weeks, including set-up and breakdown days. For the placement of your exhibition, we take into account the planning / options of the Atrium The Hague and the size of your exhibition. The various options will be discussed with you in consultation with the office of Atrium City Hall.

How do I organize my exhibition?

The Atrium City Hall foundation does not have any exhibition material at its own disposal. This allows you to design your exhibition entirely in your own way, within the established guidelines. It is not mandatory to work with a particular exhibition builder(s). Every company that will work for the activity to be held in the Atrium The Hague must be aware of the technical conditions of Team Events of the Municipality of The Hague.

Where can I find a map of the Atrium?

A map of the Atrium can only be sent after approval of the application.

When can I build up and break down my exhibition?

The City Hall is a public space and has regular opening hours when it is open to the public. These regular opening hours are:

  • Monday until Wednesday and Friday: 7.00 – 19.00 hours
  • Thursday: 7.00 – 21.30 hours
  • Saturday: 9.30 – 17 hours
  • Sundays and holidays: closed

These times can only be adjusted if a written agreement has been given by Atrium City Hall and Team Events of the municipality of The Hague.

My application has been approved, what now?

For an activity in the Atrium, all agreements must always be recorded by team events of the municipality of The Hague. Think of build-up and taking down-times for an activity/exhibition or hiring extra facilities, agreements and possible (external) catering. Team events can be reached by email address events.idc@denhaag.nl They are happy to inform you about the various options and take into account all specific wishes. Depending on the size of the activity, Team Events will determine to what extent deployment of one or more departments of the Municipality of The Hague is required. They offer the additional costs associated with this directly to you. For all services that are not required, you can choose to keep the production in your own hands. Team Events and Atrium City Hall must, however, be kept informed of the work to be performed and must be approved at all times. Taking into account these frequently asked questions and the technical conditions of the municipality of The Hague.

Is my activity insured?

The Municipality of The Hague, IDC / Risk Management Department, has an art and antiques insurance with the insurer AON for goods / objects located inside the Atrium The Hague. The maximum amount insured is Euro 75,000. Your own risk is Euro 250. The general terms and conditions of this insurance can be requested from Atrium City Hall. Insurance for freight transport to the City Hall must be requested by the organization itself from any insurer.

Publicity for my activity by Atrium City Hall?

Atrium City Hall always publicizes the public activities to be held in the Atrium The Hague free of charge. Atrium City Hall must receive a Dutch and an English text with photos (at least 300 DPI) digitally at least two months before the start of the activity info@atriumcityhall.nl

This will be posted on our website www.atriumcityhall.nl. Atrium City Hall also has its own Facebook page www.facebook.com/atriumdenhaag available for posting the same article by means of placing an event. And on www.instagram.com/atriumdenhaag one or more posts are devoted to the activity.

Atrium City Hall has an account on www.digitalemuurkrant.nl, www.denhaag.com, www.dagjeweg.nl, www.museumtijdschrift.nl and www.uitzinnig.nl. Text can be placed before the activity, in accordance with the terms and conditions of these websites. It is up to the administrators of the TV screens of the Digitale Muurkrant to post the content. Atrium City Hall has no influence on this.

If the applicant makes publicity for the activity in the Atrium The Hague, always state Atrium Den Haag as location name and Atrium City Hall as the organization name in all communications. When mentioning the activity on Facebook and Instagram, please refer to / tag @atriumdenhaag as location.

Where can I find the conditions?

The general and technical conditions are at the bottom of this website on each page.

Corona measures

Read about the corona measures in the Atrium on our website.

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