The exhibition Keeping things clean in the Atrium The Hague focuses on litter in the water and on the beach. From September 13 to October 4 the municipality of The Hague presents the faces and organizations working hard every day to keep The Hague clean. By doing so, we draw attention to the consequences of litter among a wider audience. The exhibition also raises awareness and encourages visitors to get involved.

Working together for a clean city!
The problem of waste is an important subject that currently concerns everyone in the Netherlands. The municipality of The Hague wants to involve residents and visitors and thus keep the city and beaches of The Hague clean. With the ‘Keeping things clean!’ campaign, the municipality of The Hague highlights the stories of everyone who is involved in keeping the city clean. Not just street cleaners and refuse collectors. Also the people who care about their neighbourhood and who do something themselves. People we can be  proud of!

Litter is everywhere. So the campaign focuses on lots of kinds of waste, such as bags and bulky waste deposited next to containers. And all over the city, like litter on the beach, in parks, schools and shops.

Litter in the water
Unfortunately, a lot of litter ends up in the water. Often, one gust of wind is enough to blow another load of bottles, cans and packaging into the water. Animals can suffocate in it, and it’s bad for the water quality. A lot of litter also contains plastic, which is not biodegradable. Under the influence of UV rays, the plastic becomes brittle and breaks up into fragments that are ultimately invisible: microplastics.

Videoserie Afvalaanpakkers

Initiatives for clean water and beach
Fortunately, there are many initiatives aimed at promoting a waste-free natural environment. In this exhibition, we focus on different people, organizations and initiatives that keep the water, beach and sea clean in The Hague. The clean-up campaigns, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) through the canals in The Hague, fishing for litter from a tour boat or surfing on a board made from waste are all highlighted. Will you help us keep the city, beach and water litter free?

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