How can you keep yourself, your children, your finances, and your business safe online? With some tips, it’s easier than you think. From October 11 to October 25, you can find useful tips for safe internet use in the Atrium of the City Hall in The Hague. The exhibition consists of various examples of situations you may encounter online and provides tips on how to deal with them, as well as what to do if things go wrong.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Municipality of The Hague and is a Dutch website where you can find tips, tricks, and practical step-by-step explanations on what you can do to stay safe while using the internet. You can find tips on how to protect your online privacy, how to safely use Wi-Fi, what to do and not do on social media, and you can also find explanations on how to help your children stay safe online. This site is intended for anyone with questions about safe internet use. Want to know what Woensdagongehacktdag is? You’ll find the answer at the exhibition in the Atrium. 

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