A special work of art will be created in the Molenvliet Park in The Hague: outside, for everyone to see. This outdoor art has everything to do with the special archaeological finds that emerged during the excavations for the Rotterdamsebaan. Curious? Then take a from 7 to 26 November in the Atrium of the City Hall in The Hague and discover the story behind the new artwork in the Molenvlietpark, near the Rotterdamsebaan in The Hague.

Hé, hoe komt dat kunstwerk daar?Nieuwe buitenkunst in Den Haag!

Outdoor art in The Hague
Outdoor art is for everyone. You don’t need a ticket, you can go there 24/7. It makes life richer: it surprises, challenges and inspires. The Hague has famous works. In Kijkduin you will find the Heavenly Vault by James Turrell, at Hollands Spoor Park in the Water by Vito Acconci & Studio and at the Rijswijkse Landingslaan the Ling Zhi Helicopter by Huang Yong Ping. That’s not all. The Hague has hundreds of statues, monuments, sculptures and also street art.

For all outdoor art in The Hague, go to www.bkdh.nl.