Are you ready to develop your dream, to take your entrepeneurs idea to the next phase? Come join the community and take advantage of their guidance, experience and dense network of Spanish entrepeneurs on Saturday June 25 from 19 until 22 hours in the Atrium of the City Hall. 

Do you have idea, are you start-up or experienced entrepreneur?
Get inspired and empowered. 

– Entrepreneurs Phase zero MEBYF – Rosy Intriago, the Netherlands
– Future Electricity Clean Electrical – Jose Luis Rueda, the Netherlands
– Organic Technology – Fabiola Pachon, Colombia
– Women Entrepreneurs MoneyPlan – Amanda Fernandes, Brasil
– Strategic Business Growth Mentor – Antonio Bonilla, Spain
– Women with bounderies – Ana Fernandez, Ecuador
– Dylan van den Berg, 12 years old entrepeneur, the Netherlands
– Bio Healthy Life style
– Climate Change

Come and enjoy Hispanic Tapas, Music and Cultural activities. 

MEBYF Foundation
MEBYF takes the Spanish-speaking target group in the Netherlands and in Europe one step further in their social development, on issues such as vitality, participation, emancipation, inclusion and self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. 

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