Wethepeople is a young multidisciplinary act from The Hague and Utrecht, founded in 2020. Project Leaders and musicians Nathan Arnold and Cleo Vermuyen and visual artist Natalie Andrade make music and art coming from the heart. They will show this in the Atrium with the multidimensional exhibition Ocean of People: The Exposition from October 8 until October 22.

want to break taboos from a philosophical perspective and are on an ongoing search to keep on surprising the spectator. In the multidimensional exposition Ocean of People: The Exposition Wethepeople joined forces with artist Niels Weerheim, photographer Laura Baeten, videographer Rick Biemolt, multimedia designer Macy van Geldorp, music producer KillerWhale Recordings, Statinski Mastering and various poets from the Dutch Spoken Word scene.

Wethepeople at Open Source Radio. Left to right-Natalie, Cleo en Nathan

Ocean of People: the Exposition is focused on a variety of stories told by (ex-)homeless people and/or (ex-)drug addicts, who live in Rotterdam and The Hague. The spectator will be immersed through sound and vision in an unique experience. Ocean of People: the Exposition will be shown at the Atrium from the 8th of October until the 28th of October and is part of the Museumnight The Hague. On the 10th of October  Wethepeople will host a private “Daklozendiner”, a dinner with and for the homeless in Theatre de Vaillant The Hague. The 15th of October will be centered around a showcase of the Ocean of People EP at Haags Hiphop Centrum.

One of the first necessities in life is a need for our own safe place, a home. With this exposition, we want to research thisbeing at home” and “feeling at home”. What does it mean to have a home for you? And how do homeless people experience being without a home? We want to bring out the vulnerability and start an honest conversation. Unity is the keyword. We don’t want to talk about people but speak with them. Together, we can take off this veil of shame. Because losing your home could happen to everyone.”

Portetten van Bernard, Grandpa Ro, Pascal en Lucie. Photographed by Laura Baeten and Natalie Andrade

Ocean of People: The Exposition consists of a series of portraits, paintings, a documentary and an installation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated animations. Another feature is a big “wall” of poems, written by spoken word artists. A soundscape, composed of songs from the eponymous electronic trip-hop EP Ocean of People, provides a head to toe immersive experience of honest and touching stories.

Wethepeople is a part of the Artcollective Pangaea. For more information, go to www.pangaeacrew.nl/oceanofpeople.

Still from the AI-generated projection made by Natalie Andrade, in response to the interview met Bernard.