The global population is expanding and mankind’s impact on the world’s nature and climate is constantly growing. The situation is changing our everyday lives and creating challenges for countries worldwide. The United Nations has responded by devising an Agenda of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030 in partnership with governments, entrepeneurs, scientists and the general public.

This touring exhibition One Planet (One Planet is formaly known as Museon & Omniversum) which can be seen to January to 30, 2023 in the Atrium of the City Hall in The Hague shows how sustainable solutions are being achieved to urban problems and global issues, and what visitors themselves can do to help. Together, we can all look to the future and work to build a secure and healthy world. Get to know more about the seventeen challenges, possible solutions and answers, and people and organisations dedicated to creating the world of tomorrow. 

One Planet in het Atrium Den Haa. Foto Roos Haverman.

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