The photo exhibition Culture in times of armed conflict can be seen from September 2 to 29 in the Atrium. The exhibition has been put together by the Dutch Unesco Commission in collaboration with the Koninklijke Landmacht (Royal Netherlands Landarmy). The exhibition focuses on the impact of the destruction of cultural heritage in conflict areas worldwide and was on display at the end of last year at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. This photo exhibition is part of Just Peace The Hague.

Culture in times of armed conflict
Military conflicts have a major impact on societies. Not only because of the enormous human suffering, but also because of the loss of cultural heritage. This unique photo exhibition not only shows the destruction of cultural heritage, but also the great resilience of societies and their efforts to rebuild.

The exhibition features iconic images by major press and documentary photographers such as Richard Peter Sen, Katharine Cooper and André Luís Alves, as well as cultural workers who documented their work on the spot. Special attention is paid to Ukraine, where local volunteers have worked hard in recent months to protect heritage against the disastrous consequences of the Russian invasion.

Heritage in crisis situations
The theme Heritage in crisis situations has been a priority for the Dutch Unesco Commission for ten years. The Commission wants to draw attention to the impact of the destruction of cultural heritage with this exhibition.

Heritage destruction is still used as a weapon of war. At the same time, heritage can be a starting point for peace and reconciliation and the return of heritage is an important step in the post-war recovery of societies.

“The exhibition shows these different aspects and makes it clear why we have to treat our own heritage and that of others with such care. The exhibition supports Unesco’s mission, ‘Peace in the minds of people’,” said Kathleen Ferrier, President of the Unesco Commission.

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was founded in 1945 as a specialized UN agency for education, culture, science and communication. UNESCO’s mandate is to promote understanding among peoples and the free exchange of ideas through cooperation between nations to contribute to global peace and security.

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