The nominees for the Hague Sports Gala 2023 have been announced. Who will be the sportswoman, sportsman, sports team, sports talent, sports coach and referee of the year? Who will win the prizes this year will be determined by both a professional jury and the residents of The Hague. So your vote counts too! In the run-up to the award ceremony that will take place on Monday December 18, during the Hague Sports Gala, you can vote from November 17 until December 5.

The nominees for the Hague Sports Gala 2023 are:

The Hague sportswoman of the year: 

  • Selma Poutsma – Shorttrack 
  • India Sardjoe – Breakdance 
  • Marit Bouwmeester – Sailing

The Hague sportsman of the year: 

  • Nathan Ake – Soccer 
  • Luuc van Opzeeland – IQFoil
  • Tangui van Schingen – Freerunning

 The Hague sports team of the year: 

  • Hijs Hockey –  Ice Hockey 
  • Bart Lambriex & Floris vd Werken – Sailing 
  • Odile van Aanholt & Annette Duetz – Sailing 

 The Hague sports coach of the year: 

  • Sarina Wiegman – Soccer 
  • Rick Peacock – Sailing 
  • Mark van Swieten – Freerunning 

 The Hague sports talent of the year: 

  • Maud van der Toorn – Boksing 
  • Sjors Lugthart – Road Cycling 
  • Joshua de Lange – Judo 

 The Hague referee of the year: 

  • Ian Small – Touch Rugby 
  • Ralph Stevens – Lokomotief (Basketball) 
  • Peter de Haan – HDS (Hockey) 

Visit the Atrium between November 23 and December 5 to meet the nominees. Scan the QR code and vote for your favorite! 

For more information and for voting, go to (Dutch only).