From May 13 until May24, attention is being drawn to The Hague Entrepreneur in the Atrium City Hall. This exhibition, which brings stories of The Hague Entrepreneurs, is primarily intended to create awareness for The Hague entrepreneurs and to bring their needs from outside in.

The municipality of The Hague is closely connected to the entrepreneurs in our city. From local startups to established businesses, they all play a crucial role in the flourishing of our city’s economy. They ensure that we can do our shopping… that we can shop and relax in the city… but – not unimportantly – they also provide employment for all residents of The Hague.

That is why we are launching the exhibition: “Take a seat in the chair of The Hague Entrepreneur.” These entrepreneurs who are so important to our city, the municipality wants to help as best as they can so that they can do what they are good at. Namely, entrepreneurship! But what does the municipality mean exactly by helping? It means that the municipality, in addition to being a policy maker and enforcer, wants to help these entrepreneurs think about achieving their goals. Whether it is providing advice or permits, a listening ear or providing financial support, the municipality is there to support all The Hague entrepreneurs at every step during entrepreneurship.

Together they can create more understanding and involvement in the challenges that The Hague entrepreneurs face and the contributions they make to the beautiful city of The Hague. The Entrepreneurial Services of the municipality play an important role in this. So together we can tackle and improve services towards entrepreneurs: together we can grow, flourish, and make a difference.

Entrepreneur Portal (Ondernemersportaal)
Feeling inspired, or need tips and additional information? Just drop by the Entrepreneur Portal on the left at the main entrance of the Atrium City Hall at Spui 70. The staff is happy to help all The Hague entrepreneurs, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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