From 30 November 2022 to 15 December 2022, the Swedish Embassy in The Hague, together with the Swedish Institute, show a series of portraits of Human Rights Defenders. By sharing these portraits, Sweden shows its support to Human Rights Defenders everywhere. Sweden  wants to show good examples and inspire you to stand up for your rights, for human rights and for equal rights. Let’s never give up the fight.

Fotograaf Anette Brolenius

Anette Brolenius

“In a number of countries, human rights defenders and journalists are subject to arbitrary detentions, kidnappings, disappearances, physical aggressions, judicial harassments, death threats and intimidations. Some have paid the ultimate price for their commitment.

I hope that these extraordinary and courageous people will inspire others to create a better, safer and more gender-equal society.”

Anette Brolenius is a (Swedish) portrait and documentary photographer. She has a background in diplomacy and focuses on social and current political issues, often bringing attention to persons who fight injustices, violence and oppression, and  promote human rights. Her portraits and reports are regularly published in magazines and newspapers.

Anette is a graduate (cum laude) of the Dutch Academy of Photography (Photo Academy), and has a MSc from the University of London.

For more information, go to the website of Anette Brolenius.