A glimpse into the near future! Visit the exhibition Haagse Klimaatdeals (Climate Deals The Hague) from April 11 until May 3 in the Atrium City Hall to see how the municipality The Hague, businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents are working together for a green and healthy The Hague. 

A remarkable collection of climate deals demonstrate how the municipality is making The Hague greener, transitioning away from natural gas, reusing resources, and travel more ‘cleanly’. Some climate deals are concrete and practical, and will quickly yield visible results. 

Others are strategic agreements, where major parties come together to shape the agendas for the future. The underlying message is: whether you are a large corporation, a ministry, or a concerned resident of The Hague, this is a movement in which everyone can participate, in a city where every voice counts.

2e Klimaattafel Gesprek. Foto Sander Foederer.

These deals are part of The Hague Climate Agreement, in which a great number of parties in the city acknowledge the need for sustainability and actively commit to acting on it.

Together we are making our beautiful seaside city future-proof for current and future generations.

For more information, go to duurzamestad.denhaag.nl.