From May 4 until May 13, the exhibition of unissued diplomas organised by students from Ukraine Veronika Verkholyak, Julia Kozankewycz and Pavlo Verkholyak can be seen in the Atrium City Hall. The purpose of this exhibition is to honour the memory of young people, students, whose lives were cut short by Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

Victory in Europe Day
On May 8, we commemorate the day Europe defeated Nazim and fascism in the first half of the twentieth century, the Victory in Europe Day. The common victory had its own great price. Both then and now, in the realities of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the best representatives of their people – young people, students – bravely opposed inhumane systems for a just peace and a better common future. Many of them paid with their lives for this.

The world we know and value, where there is the rule of law, democracy and the dignity of every person is respected, became possible thanks to their bravery. Similarly, today, in the fight against an insidious enemy, Ukrainians, together with the world, are fighting for a better common future. 

Brave Heroes
The stories presented in this exhibition is not only innocent victims of the Russian totalitarian system, but also brave heroes who, along with many other young men and women, dared to stand up to the evil that came to destroy their homes and waged an openly genocidal war aimed at destroying Ukrainians on ethnic grounds.

This exhibition seeks to honour the memory of young people who were killed and to inspire young people around the world to take responsibility for the future and unite to create it. 

Forty exhibits in the form of diplomas that can never be issued again will be on display. Each of them has a short life story and the circumstances of their death. With this exhibition, the organisation wants to draw attention to the slogan “never again” and emphasise the importance of supporting Ukraine as it fights against another totalitarian system that has been formed and is now operating in Russia.

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