As long as humans exist, there will be waste.
Archaeologists in The Hague find the waste during excavations from the earliest habitation in the city – about 5,500 years ago – to the present day. What is striking is that reuse was quite normal in earlier times. Even now we are aware that almost all our waste can be a raw material for new products.

The Department of Archeology and Nature and Environmental Education of the Municipality of The Hague takes the visitor on a journey through time. How did people deal with waste in the past? How are we doing now? And what options are there for an (almost) waste-free future?

The ‘waste’ as shown in the photo, are clogs that were found at the Rotterdamsebaan and have not been reused. The Croc, on the other hand, has a very long lifespan because the material croslite hardly decays. The challenge is to start working more with the reuse of materials in the future, so that waste becomes a raw material that can be reused again.

Foto van de afvalbioscoop

Waste cinema
Part of this exhibition is the waste cinema (see photo above). Several videos are shown about sustainable initiatives in the city and the visitor learns to make compost by themselves!

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