From May 28 to June 21, 2024, a model of the Central Innovation District (CID) area development will be on display in the Atrium City Hall.

The CID is a new part of The Hague’s center, the economic heart of the city and the region. It is perfectly located next to the old town center and between and around the train stations The Hague Central, Holland Spoor, and Laan van NOI. The area is well accessible by public transport. Nowhere else do the national government, business sector, and educational institutions come as close together. This offers opportunities and makes the CID a pleasant place to live, work, learn, and meet.

The model shows the plans for the public space and the new buildings in the various subareas: Den Haag Centraal, Laan van NOI, Beatrixkwartier, Bezuidenhout-West, and Laakhavens Holland Spoor.

Housing for everyone
More and more people want to live, work, and relax in our city. Therefore, the municipality is creating space in the CID for future and current residents, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and visitors. Over the next 20 years, there will be 20,500 new homes, new offices, and facilities. With more greenery in the outdoor spaces and places to meet each other. A special mix of calm, atmosphere, and bustle will emerge. The municipality isn’t just building homes, offices, and facilities; we are building neighborhoods with The Hague characters. Amenities, such as healthcare, shops, sports, culture, and parks, are within a fifteen-minute reach. On foot, by bike, or by public transport.

More space for pedestrians and cyclists
We focus on sustainability and adopt a different approach to energy and traffic. The pedestrian and cyclist come first. There will be pleasant walking and cycling routes and even better connections with public transport. This makes the streets safer, healthier, and cleaner. And there will be more room for greenery and nature, making the area nice and attractive to move, play, and relax.

Economic innovation
As an (inter)national city of knowledge, we strive for economic innovation. In the area, there are already many large and small companies, knowledge institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational and research institutions, start-ups, scale-ups, and government organizations. We strengthen the appeal for talent, companies, and knowledge, creating new jobs. This combination will also enable future generations to live, work, learn, and meet in the CID. Together with the city, we are working on the development of an area that can compete economically with abroad.

Together with the city
Anyone with questions or ideas about the developments can visit the Atrium. The municipality organizes drop-in moments for this (information to follow). The model will also continue to be used in discussions with the neighborhood. For example, about places where construction can take place, but also where people see space for offices, amenities, public green spaces, or places to play and relax. No time to come by? Send your ideas to

Join us during the CID Days 2024
Want to discuss and think along about developments in the CID or about special topics like greenery, mobility, or facilities? After the summer vacation, the municipality will organize CID Days again. Keep an eye on the website for the program or sign up for the digital newsletter.

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