What does music do to people? What music touches them? And why? With those questions, the 100-year-old theatre fanfare orchestra Kunst voor het Volk  toured all districts of The Hague during the ‘Hartstocht’ (‘Passion’). Giving free concerts in unusual places. Street photographer Giedo van der Zwan traveled along and captured how the audience experienced the concerts. He photographed colourful people from different backgrounds, from young to old and with a wide variety of musical preferences. 

The photos, stories and musical choices are as different as the people themselves. This can be seen in the photo exhibition ‘Uit Hartstocht’ in the Atrium of teh City Hall in The Hague from October 26 to November 12, 2022. Kunst voor het Volk will tell the story accompanying some of the photos and focus on the musical choices of the audience at their concert Out of Passion on Sunday afternoon, November 13 in Amare at 13:30 hours. The concert ‘Uit Hartstocht’ is free to attend and will take place in Amare’s public space.
For more information, go to www.amare.nl.

Uit Hartstocht is an ode to the audience in general, and in particular to the audience of the ‘Hartstocht’ through The Hague.

Portret Giedo van der Zwan

Photographer Giedo van der Zwan
Street photographer Giedo van der Zwan has exhibited his photos in the Atrium of the City Hall  in The Hague, during the SummerExpo 2019. Since then, Giedo has already won several international photography awards.
For more about Giedo van der Zwan, go to www.giedovanderzwan.com.

Kunst voor het Volk

Theater Fanfare Kunst voor het Volk
Kunst voor het Volk (Art for the People) is a fanfare, but not just one. It is the first theater fanfare in the Netherlands. This fun and enthusiastic orchestra in The Hague gives concerts that are more than just concerts: they make surprising music theater for a wide audience. Their concerts are performances for all the senses! The orchestra is conducted by conductor Sarif Tribou.

About 25 musicians play in Kunst voor het Volk. About half were born and raised in the The Hague region, the rest moved to The Hague for work or study. Our members come from all over the country – from the Waddeneilanden to Limburg – and sometimes also from abroad.

For more information, go to www.kunstvoorhetvolk.nl.