What do you want to be when you grow up?
Photographer Vincent Tremeau asks children this question as he travels throughout countries in Africa and Asia caught up in humanitarian crises. 

The idea for One Day, I Will began as an experiment – a way to play a dressing-up game with displaced children using the things they have at hand. The children’s choices reflected their everyday experiences: what their parents did, what they saw around them, who influenced their lives. Many were pragmatic, some more aspirational, inspiring Vincent to tell the children’s stories in a way that focuses on the possibilities for their future rather than he difficulties of their daily survival.

Combining an artistic approach with a documentary purpose, the images highlight education’s crucial role in humanitarian crises, and how it secures children’s safety and future opportunities. The images are a testimony to the vulnerability, resilience and creativity of today’s youth and how they can shape the future.

“Throughout these images, I want to engage the conversation beyond just the chosen perspectives to talk about issues like education and development. I want us to look at these young people, our next generation of leaders, and think what we can do to build and shape a better future, as it all begins with a thought.” – Vincent Tremeau

Photographer Vincent Tremeau
Vincent Tremeau, born in 1984, is a French independent photographer who documents humanitarian crises across the globe. He started the One Day, I Will project in November 2014, and he continually adds new images to the series. Vincent’s work has been published and exhibited around the world.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
In 2024, nearly 300 million people around the world need humanitarian assistance and protection, due to conflicts, climate emergencies and other drivers.

Every day, humanitarians around the world do everything they can to save more lives and better protect those trapped in crises. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) helps humanitarian organizations deliver assistance and advocate for people affected by conflict and disasters.

OCHA has had a presence in The Hague since 2017 with the establishment of its Centre for Humanitarian Data through the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague. The OCHA office in The Hague also supports OCHA’s digital services, strategic communications, and donor relations.

This photo exhibition can be seen until June 21, 2024 4PM in the Atrium City Hall.

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