At this moment the Atrium of the City Hall is closed for activities until further notice by order of the municipality of The Hague, therefore an overview of the highlights from 2019 and 2020 can be seen below. However, there is one activity on the agenda for 2020 on Christmas Day Friday December 25: Christmas-Sing-ALong-Home-Alone on TV West.

City Halls of The Hague – 25 Years of City Hall at the Spui

11 January 2021

The Atrium The Hague is still closed for activities until further notice, but the exhibition about the 25th anniversary of the City Hall and the Atrium with stories of Hague city halls and council halls through the centuries, can now be seen online (Dutch only)! Stories from the Dagelijkse Groenmarkt to the Javastraat and from […]

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TV Program: Christmas-Sing-ALong 2020 on TV West

25 December 2020

Since a couple of years Atrium City Hall organizes the Christmas-Sing-ALong in the Atrium of the city hall in The Hague. A on-off Christmas choir with 300 persons is composed, after 3 rehearsels they give a concert to 1.100 visitors. Due to the current measures there will be no concert in the Atrium in 2020, […]

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Feel at Home International Community Fair The Hague

2 February 2020

This annually recurring fair for the international community of The Hague and surroundings, which is freely accessible, is the largest expat event in the Netherlands.

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Christmas-Sing-ALong in the Atrium

15 December 2019

For many years Atrium City Hall organizes the Christmas-Sing-ALong in the Atrium, based on an idea by Herbert Boerendonk. Every year, a Christmas choir is once composed every year which constist of 300 choir members with singers from the region The Hague in the ages of 10 – 90 years.

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Water Lilies in the Atrium – Piet Design

4 November 2019

An abstract version of the famous and colourful garden pond of the French painter Claude Monet could be seen in the Atrium. This art installation is presented on the occasion of the exhibition on Monet’s gardens in the Kunstmuseum in The Hague.

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Workshops The Enchantment

19 October 2019

During the yearly international art festival for the youth The Enchantment, every year workshops are given in the Atrium. In 2019 the workshops Folding Water Lilies by Maki Oshi & Building Bridges by Boris de Bouwer. Both are inspired by artist Claude Monet, which work could be seen at that time in the Kunstmuseum in […]

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Museum Night The Hague – RollerSkateDisco

5 October 2019

For several years the Atrium changes into a real Rollerskatedisco during the Museum Night The Hague, with the funky beats form DJ Quadsk8.

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Ode to the Coffee House in The Hague – Milene van Arendonk

12 August 2019

Documentairy photographer Milene van Arendonk has made a photo book from this well known tradition, before they disappear from the streets scene in The Hague. Some of this photo’s could be seen in the Atrium.

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Summer Expo Beach in the City: The Hague beach photo

15 July 2019

In the Summer of 2019 the Atrium was all about beach photos from The Hague. Foundation Atrium City Hall has invited the Hague (street) photographers Giedo van der Zwan, Sandra Uittenboogaart and Annette van Soest to show their best beach photos from The Hague.

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Movies that Matter Festival: Exhibition Visual Human Rights

4 March 2019

The exhibition Visual Human Rights was a colleboration between foundation Visual Human Rights, the Movies that Matter Festival en Atrium City Hall. The exhibition showed 30 articles from the Universal Decleration from the Rights of Humans as drawn up by the United Nations (UN) in cities and countries from all over the world, such as […]

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