The Post 65 exhibition can be seen at the Atrium of the City Hall. Should monuments be old? This year, The Hague has a special focus on modern architecture, the so-called Post 65 heritage (1965-1995). Last June, the Monumentenzorg & Welstand department released a book on the subject: ‘Post 65 – A turbulent time. Architecture and urban planning 1965-1995’.It was a turbulent time: the municipal administration was faced with the major tasks of urban renewal, and entire neighbourhoods were being torn down. The increasingly empowered citizens resisted the fate that awaited the neighbourhoods and their inhabitants. All events and what results were achieved are described in detail. Architecture is also discussed. Using examples from The Hague, the stylistic development in these years is shown.From brutalism in the 1960s, to slant and brown in the 1970s, to sleek and white in the 1980s.It will cover seven themes from the book, allowing you to learn more about what Post 65 architecture is and how to recognise it. Interiors from this era will also be featured (hello sitting pit!) and you will learn which neighbourhoods were built during this time and why they are so distinctive.

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