Since a couple of years Atrium City Hall organizes the Christmas-Sing-ALong in the Atrium of the city hall in The Hague. A on-off Christmas choir with 300 persons is composed, after 3 rehearsels they give a concert to 1.100 visitors. Due to the current measures there will be no concert in the Atrium in 2020, but instead TV West will broadcast a special edition.

This year, the Christmas Sing-Along-Home-Alone will be shown on TV West on Christmas Day Friday December 25 as of 17:00 hours with repetitions. It will be a compilation of previous years, supplemented with recordings in Hotel Des Indes and a special speech from the Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen. “Stay at home, because you can still sing there,” says Gregor Bak. And that is also possible this edition, because the broadcast is with karaoke. ‘It really is a punch to Gregor and Francis for the fun. Then we’ll get through Christmas! ‘, Says Francis van Broekhuizen enthusiastically.

!Watch the TV program here!