The impressive exhibition Vertical Cities Expo: the Tallest, the Dreamed and the Unimaginable brings together models of the tallest, most famous and spectacular skyscrapers, built and unbuilt, on a scale from 1:1000. From Dubai to New York and from Moscow to Shanghai to The Hague. This exhibition can be seen for the first time during the Museum Night The Hague 2024: RollerSkateDisco. As of Monday October 14 the exhibition can be seen during the regular opening hours of the Atrium City Hall.

In addition to the skyscrapers you may already know, this expo includes proposed towers such as Tatlin’s Tower (Eiffel Tower, Paris, France), Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile high The Illinois (Empire State Building, New York, USA)  and futuristic mega constructions such as Pyramid City (Tokyo, Japan) and floating city from Architect Buckminster Fuller’s Cloud Nine. The buildings from The Hague are:

Verticale Steden - Hoogbouw.

As this allows you to compare them to the ones you know, visitors become aware of, and be amazed by the relative height and size of all buildings and they will see how vertical cities can be. Would you want to live in a vertical city? What would be the views from up there? Am I in heaven now? The more you look, the more you will discover. They have worked together with Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam, Technische Universiteit Delft, Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul en Architectuur Universiteit Yale in Connecticut, USA  en Atrium City Hall, Den Haag.

M&H Expo
M&H Expo are Harry Hoek en Marjoleine Molenaar and are a Rotterdam based company that designs and rents out flexible and beautiful exhibitions on architecture, Dutch design and literature/graphic design. Such as 100x Rietveld as part of the StijlVol Atrium Den Haag exhibition (100 Years Mondriaan & De Stijl in 2017), 2.000X Dick Bruna en Paper Planes. Because they love working out interesting topics into an ingenious expo. They have traveled around the world with their exhibitions. You can find them in museums, galleries, town halls, hospitals and libraries. They have worked with Amsterdam Public Library, Rotterdam Sophia Children’s Hospital, Technical University Delft, Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul and Yale University Architecture in Connecticut, USA and Atrium City Hall, The Hague.

M&H Expo. Harry Hoek & Marjoleine Molenaar.