An abstract version of the famous and colourful garden pond of the French painter Claude Monet could be seen in the Atrium. This art installation is presented on the occasion of the exhibition on Monet’s gardens in the Kunstmuseum in The Hague.

Monet was one of the most famous founders of impressionism. His waterlily paintings, inspired by his own pond in the garden at Giverny, France are some of the best known works of art in the world.  On the grey floor tiles of the Atrium a colourful 2D image of the pond with its waterlilies in full flower is set up. In the centre a full-size 3D model of its green Japanese bridge is show as a piece of the installation. Art lovers will immediately recognise ‘Monet’s bridge’ at Giverny. The design is from Elisabeth Rijkels-Visser from Piet Design and was set up by  LetterZDesign on the initiative of Atrium City Hall.