On Thursday March 11 at 17:15 hours, Mayor of The Hague Jan Van Zanen put on the song Radar Love in the Atrium in line with the national tribute for the world famous rockband from The Hague Golden Earring. The City Hall in The Hague was proud to join this celebration moment for gitar player George Kooymans.

At the 40th anniversary of this world band in 2001, the Jubilee Golden Earring exhibition in the Atrium was on display together with Atrium City Hall, the foundation behind the activities in the Atrium, and initiated by RockArt Museum. At the time, Golden Earring performed once in the Atrium for the opening, a special evening with a guest appearance by Jiskefet. In this exhibition, the 4 works of art by the Hague artist Eric Dordregter, which were brought from Hoek van Holland especially for this day, were presented for this national tribute. These works immediately went back to the RockArt Museum, because unfortunately the Atrium is currently closed for activities.

At this memorable moment and everything that the Golden Earring has meant for the city in the last 60 years of their existence, the mayor of The Hague proudly paused by letting this world-famous song Radar Love echo in the Atrium.

Watch the full tribute on the Atrium City Hall YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/zvblcXSom1w.