Atrium City Hall organizes the Christmas Sing-ALong in the Atrium of the City Hall in The Hague for many years. A one-time Christmas choir of 350 people is put together and after rehearsing three times, they will give a concert to more than 1.100 visitors.

The sixth edition of the special Christmas Sing-ALong was organized in the Atrium of the City Hall in The Hague on Sunday evening, 18 December. A Christmas Choir with 350 individual members and more than 1.100 visitors could enjoy and sing along to traditional Dutch, English and French Christmas carols under the inspiring leadership of Gregor Bak with a guest appearance by ‘dramatic soprano’ and TV personality Francis van Broekhuizen. This year chansonnier Phillippe Elan will be an additional guest artist. Philippe recorded the hit Les Vacances in 2021 with Gregor and Francis.

Kerst-Sing-ALong 2022: V.l.n.r. Philippe Elan & Francis van Broekhuizen & Gregor Bak. Foto De Schaapjesfabriek - Tessa Veldhorst.

Mayor Jan van Zanen has done the opening speech together with chairman of Atrium City Hall Theo Heere, and the mayor has song his favorite Christmas song: White Christmas!

We are happy to announce that music ensemble Uzory from Mykolaiv, a city in the south of Ukraine, located west of Crimea, has been able to perform again this year! All choir members and visitors have been asked for a donation especially for them. We have raised 4,379 euros!

Kerst-Sing-ALong 2022 - Foto Tessa Veldhorst De Schaapjesfabriek. Burgemeester Jan van Zanen & Francis van Broekhuizen.

Omroep West
All tickets are sold out, but you can see the concert on TV. This year Omroep West will be present again to record the entire Christmas Concert. The broadcasting will be on TV West on December 23 & 26 as of 17:00 hours, continuously.

Kerst-Sing-ALong 2022 - Foto Tessa Veldhorst De Schaapjesfabriek. Muziekensemble Uzory.

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