The Atrium The Hague is still closed for activities until further notice, but the exhibition about the 25th anniversary of the City Hall and the Atrium with stories of Hague city halls and council halls through the centuries, can now be seen online (Dutch only)! Part of this exhibition is the online documentary about 25 years foundation Atrium (in Dutch with English subtitles), which can bee seen on our Home Page.

Stories from the Dagelijkse Groenmarkt to the Javastraat and from the Burgemeester De Monchyplein to the town hall on the Spui, is a monument preservation of the Municipality of The Hague i.c.w. the Hague Municipal Archives, with beautiful pictures and stories of the past 25 years.

Silver Jubilee
On September 8, 2020 it will be exactly 25 years ago that Queen Beatrix officially opened the town hall on the Spui. This silver jubilee is the occasion for the exhibition “City halls of The Hague – 25 years of town hall on the Spui”, organized by Monumentenzorg Den Haag in collaboration with the Hague Municipal Archives.

Through the ages
Divided over sixteen panels, the exhibition tells the story of The Hague town halls and council halls through the centuries. From the Daily Groenmarkt to the Java Street and the Burgemeester De Monchyplein to the town hall on the Spui.

From village to city
We read and see how the village administration in the small-scale village house on the Groenmarkt developed and expanded into a city administration with civil servants and an ever-expanding town hall.

Tenacious councilor and events
Extensive consideration is given to the development and realization of the town hall on the Spui, which cost Adri Duivesteijn his alderman. The Atrium Foundation shares the highlights of 25 years of exhibitions and events in the atrium of the same building.

Second town hall
The exhibition closes with the city office on the Leyweg, in fact a second city hall with a special, floating wedding hall.

Material from various collections
The exhibition has been compiled with images from the collections of the Hague Municipal Archives, supplemented with material from the Hague Historical Museum and Monuments Care The Hague.

Download en watch the exhibition