Think about the future of The Hague
The exhibition can be seen in the Atrium from February 16 until March 9. Visit the exhibition and think about the future of The Hague.

Organizations and residents of the city have worked out their ideas for The Hague in 2050. How green is The Hague then? How are we protected from the sea? How will we move through the city? How do we live healthy?

The exhibition shows various future visions of The Hague in 2050. Discover the dilemmas. Vote for the best idea. Leave your own idea. Or request a guided tour, so that you can learn more about the visions of the future. Visit for other activities and (digital) meetings.

Omgevingsvisie Den Haag - gemeente Den Haag

Future guide
The exhibition provides serious building blocks for the . he Municipality of The Hague determines what kind of city we want to be in 2050. The municipality asks everyone who feels connected to The Hague to contribute ideas about The Hague in 2050. eople who do not live in The Hague, but come there for work or for a day out. In recent weeks to fill in the uture uide. The results of Future Guide will soon be available on

As an in-depth look at the exhibition, an online webinar will be organized on February 18. In this webinar, experts, social initiators and civil servants will discuss the core question of how spatial policy can be developed for The Hague, in which the resident central. Residents of The Hague can also attend the webinar. For more information and to register, visit

The exhibition can also be viewed digitally from February 16 via