From July 19 until 30 the I Love Hiphop x The Hague Street Art expo can be seen in the Atrium of the City Hall of The Hague. This exhibition is part of the I Love Hiphop Festival.

The Hague has an illustrious graffiti history. This exhibition takes a deep dive into the graffiti archives of the city. Never seen images from a private collection show graffiti pieces from the hay days of the infamous The Hague graffiti scene. Aside from the throwback to archives of the the 80’s and 90’s, there will be more recent photos tob e seen, mainly taken at the LGL (legal graffiti locations), made by newer generations of graffiti writers.

The exhibition shows an overview of graffiti “then” and “now”, showcasing the development in the scene from illegal graffiti in illegal spots to a growth of skills in different places. The Hague Street Art (formerly known as Haags Graffiti Platform) played a major part in the development.

Not only graffiti will be shown. A part of the exhibition will show exclusive (moving) images of breaking (better known as breakdance by the general public). The Hague is a well renowned city in this hiphop discipline as well and bred some national and international champs. Also the city is known for its many breakdance battles. This exhibition will show photos and videos of breaking and of course the battles at I Love Hiphop festival are a part of it.

Logo I Love HipHop Festival

I Love Hiphop Festival

Since 2009 the name I Love Hiphop festival is a household name in Den Haag bringing the hiphop culture to the people in all of its forms. Acts like Black Milk, Saigon and many more Dutch and international acts. I Love Hiphop started as a joint event from Hague Hiphop (music), Jammin’On Beat (breaking championship) and Bomb The Planet (graffiti event).
After some years it grew from a one day event to multiple days with a variety of activities, all with the same foundation: the hiphop culture.
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Benajmin van Breakdancegroep Heavy Hitters in actie tijdens de finale van de NBL in de Maaspoorthallen in Den Bosch

The Hague Hiphop Centrum (H3C)

The Hague Hiphop Centrum (H3C) is the place in The Hague for lovers of urban culture. You can come here all week for dance, art and music lessons. Their location is equipped with all facilities to practice these movements in a professional manner and to relax in between. There is a spacious dance hall, DJ room, recording studio and a loft to chill out.

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Street Art I Love HipHop Festival 2010

The Hague Street Art (THSA)
The Hague Street Art (THSA) is dedicated to everything in the field of Street Art in The Hague. THSA promotes art in the public space, professionalises and shows off young artists and prevents vandalism. THSA achieves this by employing artists for workshops, education projects, to link them to potential clients to artists and let them participate in exhibitions and events.
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