Ringo, Zesta and Page33 are affiliated artists with the platform for professional Street Art and Graffiti artists The Hague Street Art and will show their best work in the Atrium and street paintings, which they have applied to various walls in The Hague.

Ringo Mollinger (The Hague, Netherlands, 1984)
Ringo Mollinger prefers to make large mural paintings and mixed media works on canvas and paper, both free and commissioned. Due to the variety of working as a street artist in public space and as a visual artist in the studio, he keeps both passions challenging for himself and exciting for the outside world. He developed his strong sense of typography and design in the graffiti and street art circuit. Therefore it was a logical step to study graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy, where he graduated in 2010.

During the lockdown in 2020, Ringo made this series of works on canvas, inspired by the (graphic) design of guilder and dollar bills: “These were the first designs that fascinated me as a child. I thought they were of value, because they were illustrated so beautifully and in detail. Of course I gave these iconic designs a contemporary twist.’

The works shown in the Atrium are mixed media on canvas and, except for the dollar bills, are finished with a layer of epoxy. The photographs show some of his mural paintings which can be seen in The Hague.

Instagram: @ringo_1984

Zesta (Johannesburg, South-Africa, 1984)
With a career spanning over two continents so far, this self-taught South African born artist started painting on walls as a graffiti artist in 2000. Zesta forms a duo with his wife Page33, together they create a distinguishable style which often communicates positivity and unity. Their artwork seeks a colourful harmony between realism, graphic illustrative and post-graffiti styles with South African soul.

He transitioned into creating large scale murals in public spaces many years ago. Creating artwork in public spaces remains a strong focus for him, although he creates a lot of canvas work too. Indeed, an urban influence is still present in a lot of his work, ensuring it remains relevant in today’s contemporary art space.
Brands like Netflix, Converse, T-Mobile, Peugeot, BMW, Vodacom, Deloitte, Saatchi & Saatchi as well as government departments have worked with this artist since 2003.

The artworks on display in the Atrium show a mix of his graphic and realistic styles merging with the duo’s signature style. The photographs show some of his mural work that can be seen in The Hague.

Instagram: @Zesta_Online

Page33 (Pretoria, South-Africa, 1984)
Page33 uses bright and hardly mixed colours (fauvistic) to explore and create emotive portraits of people and animals. She forms an artistic duo with her husband Zesta. Nature appears often in their artwork as this is an element that connects all humans across the globe. Her artworks often include suggestive themes of unity and equality.

At the age of 12 Page joined ProArte Art school in Pretoria where she explored Fine Art and went onto study Fashion design at Tshwane’s University of Technology. Page has worked at one of South Africa’s top galleries called The Everard Read Gallery and has helped curate shows for well-known South African artists.

Although she started creating murals full time in 2012, she created her first mural in 2005. Since then, she has created artworks for brands like Netflix, GHD, T-Mobile, Jaguar, Seacom, Opera Mini and government departments. The artworks on show here are mixed pieces showcasing Page’s styles varying from portraits to snippets of nature, including her trademark colour use and application. The photographs show some of his mural work that can be seen in The Hague.

Instagram: @Page_Thirty3

For availability and prices of the works mail ringomollinger@gmail.com or call +31 (0) 6 2067579.

This exhibition is part of the international artfestival for the youth The Enchantment, please go to AGENDA for more information about the workshops which Ringo Mollinger will give this autum break during the festival.