On Saturday October 9 during Museum Night, Atrium City Hall has reopened after 1,5 years by Mayor Jan van Zanen. With the production #Turnonthelightagain by PIP Den Haag and a string quartet, the exhibition Street Artists on Canvas by Ringo, Zesta and Page33 and the documentary 25 years Foundation Atrium, this night is one to be remembered!

The Atrium has been closed for events and exhibitions for the past 1.5 years. With #Turnonthelightagain Atrium City Hall and Pip Den Haag will show that everyone is welcome again in the living room of The Hague, to watch the many exhibitions and experience the different events in the City Hall. This special film project was shot behind closed doors last summer for the first time with a drone. Because we will switch the lights back on, the light installation #Turnonthelightagain will be performed live with a string quartet, especially for this event.

The Producer and Director is David Schoch, co-founder of PIP Den Haag. PIP Den Haag is the club and stage for underground music, art and culture, located in an old fire station on the industrial fringe of The Hague, Bink36.

The light installation consists of 5 meter high LED lamps in which Quartet no.14, better known as the Death and the Maiden by Schubert, is played by a string quartet (Violin 1 – Romina Engel – Violin 2 – Wan-ru Cheng – Alto Violin – Gabriel Torner -Alisana – Cello – Rogier Tamminga). The visitor is accompanied by writer and graphic designer,Dario Goldbach, who wrote the piece #Turnonthelightagain especially for this occasion.

Street Artists on Canvas
Ringo, Zesta and Page33 are affiliated artists of the platform for professional Street Art and Graffiti, The Hague Street Art.

During the lockdown in 2020, Ringo made a series on canvas inspired by the graphic design of the guilder and dollar bills.
The South African born artists Zesta and Page33 form a couple both privately and work wise. Together they create  a recognizable style that often radiates positivity and unity (Ubuntu). Zesta’s work is characterized by a mix of tones from his graphic and realistic styles that merge with the signature style of the duo. Page33’s work is often bright, hardly mixed colours (fauvist) and has very often the nature as a theme.
For more information about this exhibition, please visit our AGENDA.

25 Years Foundation Atrium
Over 25 Years ago on September 8, 1995, the City Hall was opened by Mayor Havermans and Queen Beatrix. The day the Atrium was opened for the public, to view the most beautiful activities that have been organized from the start by Atrium City Hall, the foundation behind the many activities in the hall of the Atrium City Hall. The Atrium was closed for activities due to the Corona Measures untill now, so this documentairy could only be seen online, untill this evening. This unique documentary is produced by Cue Creative and can be seen during Museum Night.

Museum Night
On Saturday 9th of October  there will be a new edition of Museumnacht Den Haag where everyone can enjoy the art and culture of The Hague again. For more information and tickets for the Museum Night, please visit www.museumnachtdenhaag.nl.

Burgemeester Jan van Zanen heropent het Atrium na 1,5 jaar voor evenementen en tentoonstellingen - Foto Richard Mulder
During Museum Night 2021 the Atrium has reopened after 1,5 years by Mayor Jan van Zanen, Jacqueline Meijer, director Atrium City Hall and Rein Schoch, son of David Schoch, co-founder of PIP Den Haag. Photo: Richard Mulder.